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Shrouded Fable ETBs @ £39.95!
Shrouded Fable ETBs @ £39.95!
Important changes coming to Eterna Cards

Important changes coming to Eterna Cards

Hi, I hope you're well.

I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every member of our community who's shopped with us, joined our mailing list, followed us on social media, bought from us in any of our pop ups, our affiliate partners, TrustPilot reviewers, friends within the community who've been helpful along the way, and any other actions towards us which helps support our small business. It's been a whirlwind the last 12 months, with many mistakes made along the way and lots of learning and adjustments. Let's jump into the updates.


It's always been our goal to lower the cost of the hobby for customers globally. We've now identified that some changes are necessary in order for us to stay in business, and to have any chance at growing the business and ultimately achieving our vision.

Effective from 31st May, we will be terminating 'Eterna Rewards', our unmatched rewards program. I was always proud of the rewards we offered our customers and tried hard to adjust in order to keep it in place, but unfortunately the numbers are clear and we cannot sustain the program any longer.

We have a hypothesis that this move is a positive rather than a negative. Not having to account for our rewards program when pricing will allow us to lower the entry cost further. I'm wagering that you'd much rather spend £50 for an item, than £55 with £5 back. £105 for a Pokemon Booster Box rather than £115 with £11.50 back, etc etc.

We were also restrained from entering new markets, due to pricing structure and thin margins. Not having to account for our rewards program will afford us the flexibility to expand our range of stock, and provide our efficient service to more customers across more markets, at a competitive price point.

Any orders placed between now and the 31st of May will earn store credit. On the 1st of June, you will no longer earn store credit with new orders. We will keep our program technology in place for 30 days after termination, meaning you will have until the 30th of June 2024 to use any store credit you have accumulated. On the 1st of July 2024, the rewards technology will be removed and you will forfeit any store credit you may have remaining. We will send multiple reminders in the lead up, reminding you of this.

My hope is that our swift professional service, same day dispatch before 4PM, even more competitive pricing, diligent customer service, and an expanded range of products to choose from will be enough to earn your business and continue servicing your TCG and Hobby needs throughout 2024 and beyond.


We've taken the basic Shopify layout as far as it can go, and a new redesign is in the works to improve your shopping experience. The goal is to simplify our homepage, provide only relevant information and make it easier to browse our store. We expect to roll this out towards the end of June, and welcome any feedback you may have. More on this next month.


English TCGs have been our main focus for the last 12 months, and our plan is to continue expanding the range of English TCGs we offer, as well as entering new markets with competitive price points.

From June 2024 we'll be offering the latest Japanese & Korean TCGs, ramping up our ranges over a 3 month period. We will begin pre-orders on all Japanese Pokemon releases moving forward.

On top of this, we are branching out into Toys & Collectibles, from Brands such as The Good Smile Company, Iron Studios, YouTooz and Nanoblocks to name a few.


Thank you for taking the time to read these important updates, and I invite you to get in touch with any feedback or questions you may have.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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